The new market report titled ‘CRISPR Technologies: Intellectual Property Landscape,’ published by Roots Analysis features an extensive study of some of the key historical and contemporary intellectual property (IP) documents (featuring granted patents, patent applications and other documents), describing the various types of CRISPR Technologies.

The insights generated in thisreport have been presented across two deliverables, namely a MS Excel workbookand a MS PowerPoint deck, summarizing the ongoing trend in this domain.


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MainChapters in the CRISPR TechnologiesIntellectual Property Landscape Report


§  Overall Intellectual PropertyLandscape

Ananalytical perspective of the various patents and affiliated IP documents thathave been published related to CRISPR Technologies, since 2000. An in-depthanalysis of published IP documents, representing unique patent families acrossvarious global jurisdictions, featuring insightful inferences related to bothhistorical and recent R&D trends within this domain.


§  Popular / Relevant Prior Art SearchExpressions

Anexamination of IP literature, shortlisting key words and phrases used todescribe CRISPR Technologies. The analysis also includes details on thehistorical use of the aforementioned terms across different IP filings, keyaffiliated terms and other related trends.


§  Patent Valuation Analysis

Competitive benchmarking and valuation analysis of the keymembers of unique patent families captured in the report, taking intoconsideration important parameters of the patent application.


§  Patentability and Freedom to Operate

A systematic and Roots Proprietary approach to identifyrelevant areas of innovation by analyzing published IP documents, by definingthe uniqueness of patented / patent pending innovations, in order to assess thescope of patentability in this domain, and pinpoint jurisdictions wherein newand / or modified claims may be filed without infringing on existing IP.


§  Analysis of Patent Applications andGranted CRISPRTechnologies Patents

A detailed summary of the various patent applications andgranted patents across different jurisdictions and their relative value in theIP ecosystem. The analysis classified the intellectual capital in terms of type of innovation and the innovation related to CRISPR Technologies, therebyoffering the means to identify active arenas of research and assessinnovation-specific IP filing trends.


§  Pockets of Innovation and WhiteSpaces

An insightful analysis of the various CPC codes used inpublished IP literature and their affiliated families, offering the means toidentify historical and existing pockets of innovation, the analysis alsofeatures a discussion on prevalent white spaces.


§  Claim Analysis

One of the objectives of the report was to analyze andsummarize key inferences from the independent claims mentioned in granted,active patents in the dataset. Using a systematic segregation approach, we haveanalyzed trends associated with the preamble, type of patent, type of claim andother key elements of a claim.


Key Companies Profiled


·        10x Genomics

·        22nd Century Group

·        64x Bio

·        Aadigen

·        Aarhus University


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