In order to avail benefits, such as technical competence, compliance with regulations, reduced production costs and on-time approval of biologics, innovators have shown preference to leverage expertise of viral clearance and testing service providers

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With the growing pipeline of biologicsand the continuous revision of regulatory guidelines, the demand for viralclearance and testing services has increased in the biopharmaceutical industry.As a result, biopharmaceutical developers are outsourcing their viral clearanceand testing operations to reliable and specialized contract researchorganizations (CROs), which provide a plethora of advanced technologies anddedicated expertise to cater to their evolving needs.



Key Market Insights


Morethan 30 service providers are offering viral clearance and testing services fora wide variety of biologics

Over 90% of the players offer both viralinactivation and removal services; of these,close to 60% of the players provide such services for RNA enveloped viruses,followed by DNA non-enveloped viruses (~40%).


Around 260 patents related to viralclearance and testing have been filed / granted, since 2017

Based on the distribution ofintellectual property across the world, R&D activity related to viralclearance and testing is largely concentrated in the US (around 25%), followedby China (over 15%). Further, it is worth highlighting that majority of thepatents in this domain were filed by industry players (97%).


Partnership activity in this domain hasincreased between 2015 and 2022

The maximum number of partnershipsrelated to viral clearance and testing were inked in 2016 (six), followed by2021 (four). It is worth highlighting that majority of the deals were mergersand acquisitions, representing more than 75% of the total number ofpartnerships signed in the given time period.


Expansion activities in this domainhave grown at a CAGR of ~20%, between 2017 and 2022

Around 90% of the initiatives werefocused on the addition of new viral clearance and testing facilities / plants;of these, more than 50% of the expansion initiatives were undertaken for viralclearance services, followed by viraltesting services (38%).


North America and Europe areanticipated to capture over 65% of the market share by 2035

Interms of end-users, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies are expectedto contribute more than 70% of the total service revenues generated in 2035.Further, over 25% of the market share is anticipated to come in from academic /research institutes. Inaddition, it is worth noting that viralremovalmethods are likely to capture more than 55% of the market.


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Key Questions Answered

§  Whatis viral contamination in the biopharmaceutical industry?

§  Howmany players are providing services related to viral clearance and testing?

§  Howmany patents related to viral clearance and testing have been filed / grantedin the last few years?

§  Whatis the partnership and collaboration trend in the viral clearance and testingservices domain?

§  Whichsegment is likely to have the largest share in the viral clearance and testingservices market?

§  Whatare the recent developments in the viral clearance and testing services market?

§  Whichgeographical segment has the highest growth rate in the viral clearance andtesting services market?


The financial opportunity within theviral clearance and testing services market has been analyzed across thefollowing segments:

§  Scale of Operation

§  Discovery Phase

§  Preclinical Phase

§  Clinical Phase


§  Method of Viral Clearanceand Testing

§ Viral Detection

§  Viral Inactivation

§  Viral Removal


§  End-User

§  Biotechnology andPharmaceutical Companies

§  Academic / ResearchInstitutes


§  Key Geographical Regions

§  North America

§  Europe

§  Asia-Pacific

§  Rest of the World


The research also includes profiles ofkey players (listed below), engaged in providing services related to viralclearance and testing; each profile features an overview of the company,financial information (if available), details on its service portfolio, recentdevelopments, and an informed future outlook:

§  Charles River Laboratories

§  Eurofins Scientific

§  Microbac Laboratories

§  Nelson Labs

§  Pall Corporation

§  Syngene International

§  Texcell       


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