Republic Day 2021: Speech, essay ideas for students and teachers


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New Delhi, Jan 23: In just a few days, India will celebrate its 72nd Republic Day on 26 January, 2021, to mark the first revolution against the British regime. It is on this day, the India Constitution was adopted in 1950 after attaining the independence on 15 August, 1947.

In India, Republic Day is not less than a festival, the whole country regardless of caste, creed, religion beams with joy and happiness. The entire country is laced in tri-colours to convey that India is a nation where "Unity in Diversity" is celebrated.

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Speeches are common on Republic Day as it can influence peoples mindset. So here we are with some ideas that teachers and students can make their speech this Republic Day.

1. Republic Day History, Significance and Importance

2. History of Tricolor

3. It took two years and 11 months to form the Constitution of India

4. The first parade was held on Republic Day in 1955

5. Indian constitution is the worlds largest written constitution

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Republic Day reminds us of our struggle, how the Indian National Congress (INC) with the help of youths achieved its demand of Purn Swaraj. The struggle for freedom was based on some high principles and ideas, such as non-violence, cooperation, non-discrimination, etc.

It also reminds us of the sacred values enshrined in the Constitution of India, it is a day of national pride. Display of grand military on the Republic Day parade reminds us that the security of our territorial sovereignty is the outcome of many sacrifices.

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